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When you order 500 or more items, you qualify for private label services. Private labeling allows you to customize your high-quality products under your own brand name, with customized touches that reflect your brand’s identity. This service is perfect for businesses looking to expand their product lines with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Dedicated US Account Management

With our private label services, you also gain the benefit of dedicated US account management. Each account is assigned a Client Services Manager who will oversee all the details, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional service. This personalized attention guarantees that your private label needs are met with expertise and care.

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Fashionably Asked Questions

We've gathered the latest questions to help guide you through what to expect.

What is private labeling and how can it benefit my brand?

Private labeling involves creating products under your own brand name that are manufactured by another company. With Kin Custom's private label services, you benefit from being able to offer high-quality, fully branded products without the overhead of manufacturing. This helps enhance your brand's uniqueness and allows for higher profit margins.

What options are available under Kin Custom’s private label services?

Our private label services include custom packaging, sewn-in labels, exclusive warehousing solutions, and dropshipping services. These offerings are designed to provide a comprehensive, customized branding solution from production to delivery.

Do I need to meet any minimum order requirements for private labeling?

Yes, our private label services require an MOQ of 500 items or more to ensure operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These minimums vary based on the specific products and customization requirements. Please contact us for more detailed information tailored to your needs.

Can I see samples before committing to a large order?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of quality assurance. You can request samples of your customized products to ensure they meet your expectations before finalizing a large order. This process helps safeguard your satisfaction and confidence in our products.

How does the warehousing and dropshipping work with private label services?

With 'Fulfill by Kin Custom White Label,' you can store your inventory at our dedicated warehouse in Ohio, paying only for the space you use. We handle the logistics of order management and can ship directly to your customers. For those opting for dropshipping, we manage all aspects of fulfillment without the need for you to hold any inventory, sending items directly to your customers under your brand.

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