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Elegant Threads

Our latest collection that masterfully blends the delicate intricacies of lace with the soft, feminine allure of ruffle sleeves, exclusively curated for the modern woman who cherishes a touch of timeless sophistication in her wardrobe.

what our customers are saying
what our customers are saying
"What makes my experience great with this company is, again, when I have a problem with anything pertaining to my apparel business they go through resolutions to solve my problem. They also listen to my feedback on resolutions as well. That's a very great strength for this company."
— A. Moore
what our customers are saying
"The customer service team went above and beyond to help me sort it out so that I could get my sample order. I can't wait to receive my products now, and with service like that will surely keep them top of mind when I want to create more!"
— Sarah L.
what our customers are saying
"I love Kin Custom! I use them as my sole dropshipping provider because of the excellent quality. They are always willing to listen to customer feedback and have quickly resolved any issues I've encountered (which have been infrequent). Highly recommend!"
— Tori G.

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